Really? I don’t even see how it’s attractive… 

Normal people do not stand with their feet together anyways. If you want to have GOOD POSTURE, you stand with your feet apart, in line with your shoulders. If I stand with my feet together, typical “thigh gap picture-esque”, my CALVES touch. They are solid fucking muscle. 

I would rather have thighs that are muscular as hell than have skinny, thigh gap legs.

I have huge thighs now, and after losing 18lbs, they don’t rub together anymore. 

To people striving for a thigh gap - I’m pretty sure it’s not possible for some frame types.

Just found this on google: 

What does large, medium, and small frames look like for females?

I don’t really know what women with the 3 different frame sizes look like. I can always tell them apart with guys, but not with women. Does anybody have pics for examples?

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Answerer 1

Small framed is very petite, thin face and probably short & has a thigh gap like this:

This is a medium frame (curvier & wider but not much fat, probably wider face or square jaw):

A large framed person usually is another way of saying an overweight person.

^THIS is bullshit.  Really, the girl in the picture for medium frame is more than likely LARGE FRAMED. 

And REALLY? Large framed is another way of saying an overweight person?! WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. 

No. A large frame means your FUCKING FRAME AND BONES ARE LARGER. 

To find out your frame size and what you should weigh, use this site:


^ This is pretty spot on with the other sites I’ve visited.

bahh fk it. end rant.

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