Well for 6 days I’ve been eating a lot healthier than I had been the past 4 weeks. So far I’ve only lost 2lbs. I’m a bit disappointed but then again not a ton, as I’ve still been under a lot of stress. Tomorrow is our final move day, so we’ll finally be out of my mom’s house!

Is it just me or do most people get rid of mementos from previous relationships? I mean… I’m a chick and I get rid of everything from past relationships. Pictures, gifts, etc. So is it odd that until a few weeks ago my boyfriend had a picture of his ex in his wallet? (He doesn’t know that I know. His wallet got wet and he threw everything in it away)

Oh and also, we’ve been together off and on for two years now…


Well the past three days were spent rearranging and going through all my boyfriend and I’s stuff in the garage. I literally spent like 8 hours between yesterday and Tuesday moving all our boxes around and sorting keep/trash/sale. Then today him and I rented a uhaul and moved everything to our new place (best landlord ever).

He said we can move in next WEEK!! rather than the 1st of June. Soooo exciting. Can’t wait to be out of my mom’s friend’s basement. Only problem is, now we don’t have ANY food at all. Crap.

But anyway, 3 days moving shit around. About 12 hours. I think that counts as a workout (or 6), right? I can barely move my freaking arms. I am so exhausted. 

My vacation is over as of Saturday, and it’s back to work. It was good while it lasted. 

Today to eat I had a subway chicken sandwich on flat bread and two peanut butter banana greek yogurt smoothies. Probably not enough food to be honest, but I don’t have the energy to fix anything else.

Anyways, that’s all I got for now. Laaater.

Well since I’m starting over, I thought it’s only appropriate to post new starting pictures. I hate them, because they show the truth. But I also like them for the same reason. I swear to god, looking at pictures of yourself is so much different than looking in the mirror. So anyways, without further ado, here I am starting over. 253lbs (never weigh after dinner, with clothes on, like I did last night). 

Alright, who missed me? It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been here. Literally. Okay, not really. But something like 9 months, anyway. Quite a bit of bullshit has taken place in those 9 months.

I went back to college (freshmen 15, the second time around, too much STRESS).

My mom lost her car and her house, and got denied her disability claim, and the appeal.

My house flooded and I had to move into my mom’s friend’s basement. Thankfully that’ll be resolved soon enough.

Stress stress stress.

Needless to say, I’ve gained just about every pound back that I had lost. I checked earlier (after dinner, dumb right?) and it read 258. 

So I guess here’s to starting over. When I’ll have time for the gym, I don’t know. How I’ll be able to afford healthy food (which IS more expensive, fact), I have no idea.

So, I say again, who missed me?

New life, new hair, new me. YAY.

And I fucking cut it myself. Bad ass.

My mom lost her job in May. She was counting on my aunt’s help and short-term disability pay to make it until she got on full-term disability pay. Both have since fallen through. My mom works part-time, even though her doctor has told her she cannot physically keep working. She had spinal cord surgery in 2006 which left her with severe nerve/spinal cord damage.

My mom applied for full-term disability a month ago and is waiting to hear some news.

We need $1,000 ($675 for rent, $300 some for court fees for the eviction proceedings). I realize this is a lot of money, but it’s the only thing that will keep them from being homeless. A local support agency has paid her rent once and won’t pay it again. I cannot support my mom and sister, financially I can barely support myself. My other family/family friends aren’t willing to help.

I am willing to payback this loan. As for when, I cannot give a date. When she gets her disability pay (hopefully within a month or so), she will receive a lump sum in which she could pay back the loan. If that falls through, I can either pay back with my taxes or my student loan I receive at the beginning of next year (I realize that’s a long time away and I apologize), and I could also make small payments until I get that money to pay off completely.

There are no other local agencies willing to help.

For proof, PM me. I am willing to send proof of her loss of work, proof of her eviction notice, proof of her current wages, proof of her disabilities, etc.

This is not some ploy to get free money. My family desperately needs help. Please reblog if you feel so inclined. Thank you.

If you’d like to just make a donation of some kind, click my paypal link and shoot me a PM so I know.

I dumped my lousy ass cheating boyfriend.

Time to get sexy.


Hey guys. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted. I apologize. I’ve missed you guys. While I was gone I broke my toe, and I’ve gained about 5lbs. As soon as this toe heals I’ve got to get back to the gym. No more being lazy.

One final thing before I go, if you guys are interested check out my buddy Paul’s artwork on etsy, you may be interested -


Later guys

My mom was officially denied unemployment. So they’ll be homeless soon enough. #freaking out